Welcome, we’ve reviewed hundreds of lawn mowers, from which we’ve compiled a list for you that shows the top-tier lawn mowers. There are several different types of lawn mowers available these days, after reading our reviews you’ll be well-informed as to which lawn mower to buy. This page is an excellent resource for forming your final purchase.

Every lawn fits a different mower. Very small lawns may fit a small reel mower to quickly cut that grass. For normally sized lawns a gas or electric lawn mower is the perfect solution. Large gardens (over 25x25m) or a quarter of an acre typically need a riding lawn mower as the perfect solution.

Different types of lawn mowers

There are four main types of mowers, each having a best fit for a particular type of lawn. Read about when to apply which mower below.

Electric Lawn Mowers

electric mower

As mentioned, every lawn requires a different mower to form the perfect solution. The most popular option is the electric lawn mower. For anyone looking to mow their own yard normal sized yard, electric lawn mowers are a great option as they leave no carbon footprint and are easy to work with (if it’s a cordless one!). We like to look at mowers as things that may last a lifetime. We’ve found that the mowers at the upper end of the spectrum easily last more than a decade while still providing a quality mowing experience.

Riding Lawn Mowers

Riding lawn mowerThese are for the more professional lawn mowers. Any decent sized yard will required a riding lawn mower so that the user can both comfortably and quickly cut their grass. These are great for their speed and efficiency as they do not quickly wear down either. Things that you should keep in mind when buying one are for example the size of the cutting blades, the engine power, transmission type and fuel usage.

Gas Lawn Mowers

Lawn mower

These mowers are quite similar to their electric counterparts. They often appear with similar grass mulchers and catchers. The main difference, however, is that they have different power sources. Gas Lawn mowers tanks will have to be refilled every now and then, while electric ones can be charged before use, or plugged to your power net.


Reel Lawn Mowers

Reel lawn mowerThe “classic” lawn mower, fit for very small gardens. These hand mowers are best as a money saver. Don’t consider them for quality or speed though. Their main disadvantage is the leftovers of grass all over the users yard. Some of these do however offer a little basket at the back which may catch some grass.


  Pushing or riding your lawn mower

There are simply put two different ways of mowing, regardless of how they are powered. Both Gas and Electric lawn mowers often required being pushed around. This limits them to normal walking speed of up to around 3 miles per hour. These are however advantageous for small spaces, as the are often more mobile than riding lawn mowers.

For large patches of grass riding lawn mowers are recommended as they provide excellent speed and efficiency over pushing powers. Their larger blades and engine powered movement allow for greater mowing reach, they are quite often more costly than the pushing alternatives. However, their quickness allows them to be cost-effective because of the reduced time window required.

In a nutshell: If your lawn is small to medium sized, an electric or gas powered lawn mower is recommended due to their agility and mobility over a great price. However, when you are looking for a quick and cost-effective mowing solution on a larger patch of grass, riding lawn mowers are easily the best option as they are over twice as fast and wide in comparison to the other mowers.  This may make them over four times as fast.